A Networked Designer’s Critical Path, 1990-2090

Media A was asked by the Garanti Bank gallery in Istanbul to curate, design and produce an exhibition about new thinking in design. Created specifically for that show, A Networked Designer’s Critical Path, 1990-2090, portrays the life of a fictional designer as a dense grid of networks. Writers on the project were Andrea Herman and Stephanie Wasserman.


Based on emerging trends from biology, business, information technology, sociology, and transportation, it charts the connections that form, interweave, and dissolve both naturally and intentionally. Ideas flow across communities and leap spontaneously across broad spheres of thought and action, forging new pathways along the way. Politics, culture, style and language – continually trade places in an increasingly interwoven society


Download the complete pdf file here.


"What-if" scenarios and demographic profiles of future clients, especially as pertains to financial resources and transactions in the 2020's.

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The Universe Emerges from Information

Exhibition and lecture on the future of design and values at Studio-X, Istanbul (with the support of Columbia University).

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Horizon Projects

Workshops across 12 countries visualizing new services, products and consequences arising out of future hypothetical conditions.

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Created branding and organizational strategy, designed visual identity, website, iPhone application and hired development and blogging staff.

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